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HubSpot and Geotab Integration

This article describes the details of a custom integration between HubSpot and Geotab and how data flows between both.

HubSpot is a popular and extensive CRM with significant functionalities for streamlining business data, operations, and marketing requirements. Geotab, on the other hand, is a fleet management and tracking software. It allows you to keep track of the vehicle’s fleet, real-time location, history of trips, and more. A custom integration between HubSpot and Geotab helps track the physical trips to customer locations as part of activities, allowing for hyper-personalized customer communication.


Let's look into how the integration between both works:

Data Interaction Between HubSpot and Geotab

The integration between both platforms works in the following manner:

  • All the Zones in the Geotab are added as Companies in the HubSpot with relevant details.
  • All the customer visits attached to a particular Zone will be synced as the timeline activity in HubSpot. 

Integration Between HubSpot and Geotab

The following steps define the integration setup between HubSpot and Geotab:

1.  Navigate to the Zones tab under Zones & Messages in the Geotab. All the Zones listed here are translated as Companies in HubSpot. 


2.  To view it in HubSpot, select Companies from the dropdown of Contacts.


3.  Navigate to the Customers (Geotab) tab, specifically created to hold the Geotab data.
4.  Under the COMPANY NAME column, you can see all the Zone names translated as companies.
5.  The column of GEOTAB ID contains individual Geotab IDs associated with each company.
6.  The TRIP COUNT column contains the count of all the trips associated with the particular Zone.


7.  By clicking on any company, you can access its detailed information. The information about the company appears in the left sidebar.
8.  All the trips associated with that particular domain along with the details are listed here.


9.  If the trips do not appear, click on Filter activity (14/14) from the tab.
10.  Enable the checkbox of Geotab Trips to show the trips.

Geotab Trips

11.  Each of the blocks contains trip information including Trip Details, Asset, Arrival Time, Departure Time, and Visit Time

trip information


In this article, we went through the detailed steps for integrating HubSpot with Geotab to track customer site visits and a comprehensive view of all customer touchpoints, both physical and digital.  A detailed description of each component and data flow is explained to show how to get this data captured under Activities in HubSpot. 

If have more questions about this integration, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Integration Experts.