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Install the HubSpot Tracking Code on Your Website

HubSpot is an extensive CRM and provides you with numerous content management functionalities. This article covers the steps of installing the HubSpot tracking code on your website.

What is HubSpot Tracking Code?

HubSpot tracking code is a unique code for each HubSpot account. This code enables HubSpot to monitor and evaluate the website traffic. This tracking code exists on the landing pages, blog posts, and website pages. For the external pages, the HubSpot tracking code must be installed. 

Installing the HubSpot Tracking Code

  1. Click on the gear icon (⛭) in the top right corner of your HubSpot dashboard. 

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  1. Select Tracking Code under Tracking & Analytics in the Account Setup from the left sidebar.

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  1. Under the Tracking code tab, you can find a button to Copy the tracking code. This code can be added to every web page by pasting it just before the </body> tag.

  2. You can also email the tracking code directly to your developer for him/her to add it to the website by clicking on the Email to my web developer button.

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This was about installing the HubSpot tracking code. For further assistance, contact Learners.ai.